Welcome to the crew! Claire Ralley and Adam Selcuk join VaultN

Claire Ralley Adam Selcuk joining VaultN

We’re excited to announce the arrival of two remarkable industry leaders to our team. Claire Ralley joins us as the new Chief Commercial Officer, and Adam Selcuk steps in as Chief Product Officer. Their combined expertise and insights are poised to propel our platform to the next level and we are more than happy that we we’ve been able to convince both to join us on our journey.

Claire joins VaultN after a significant tenure as Co-Founder of digital aggregator Genba Digital. Claire’s extensive experience and innovative approsach have been central to Genba’s success, culminating in a successful acquisition by Azerion. At VaultN, Claire will leverage her extensive expertise and advanced knowledge of digital distribution to drive commercial strategies, thereby catalyzing growth and strengthening the platform’s position in the market.  

Adam Selcuk steps into the role of Chief Product Officer, carrying with him a wealth of experience from his role as Interim Managing Director at distribution specialist Exertis Ztorm. Adam has always been passionate about building solutions, and he understands precisely what publishers and retailers need in terms of functionality and commerce. Adam’s deep insight into product development and digital distribution will be crucial in refining VaultN’s product suite, ensuring it continues to address the needs of the growing number of VaultN partners in the gaming industry landscape.  

VaultN Management Team

The joining of Claire and Adam marks another significant milestone for us, following the successful partnerships with companies such as Bethesda, Fanatical, Gamesplanet and GOG since last year. Their decision to join our team is a testament to the potential of VaultN and the growth trajectory we are on. At the same time, Claire’s and Adam’s expertise is exactly what we need to push innovation and service expansion of our platform to the next level.

Meanwhile, rest assured, we’re not taking our eye off the ball. In the coming weeks, our platform will undergo a series of enhancements and feature rollouts designed to further simplify daily sales and distribution operations for our partners. With a robust pipeline of partners currently in the onboarding process, we are excited about the prospect of welcoming new publishers and retailers on a weekly basis.

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